Durham mayor merger will save £38,000

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MERGING two civic roles is expected to save more than £38,000 this financial year.

The posts of Mayor of Durham City and Chairman of Durham County Council were combined earlier this year.

The decision, by Durham County Council and the Charter Trustees for the City of Durham, was seen as the best way to reduce the costs associated with the two roles while protecting their historic traditions.

The appointment of one person to both roles has meant a reduction in the costs associated with transport, support services, supplies and office accommodation.

It is anticipated that around £7,000 will be saved by a reduction in journeys and the use of just one civic vehicle, while changes to working arrangements for the mayor’s personal assistant will mean savings of more than £10,000.

The current holder of the posts, Councillor Pauline Charlton, and her deputy mayor have chosen not to claim the allowances normally allocated to the mayor and deputy, leading to savings of more than £5,500.