A year on, and still no ducks – why this man is going quackers about a ‘dangerous’ pond

Coun Jeff Milburn is concerned about Cleadon Village Pond.
Coun Jeff Milburn is concerned about Cleadon Village Pond.
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A councillor is still going quackers about the lack of ducks in a ‘dangerous’ South Tyneside village’s pond.

Coun Jeff Milburn first raised his concerns about Cleadon Village’s pond last year, saying it was too dirty for ducks and they, instead, preferred the cleaner waters of nearby Whitburn’s pond.

Now a year, on the Cleadon and East Boldon Tory says nothing has changed, the pond’s railings are crumbling and there’s still no feathery friends.

The pond, which is on land owned by the Church Commissioners, is due to be transformed through the Cleadon In Bloom group, and some funding has now been secured.

Coun Milburn said: “It’s ridiculous.

“It’s a year on and we’re still looking at this mess. The railings aren’t safe they’re rotting and there’s still no ducks here.

“I appreciate it takes time to secure funding and so on, but how much longer is this going to go on for?

“This pond it as the heart of the village, we should be taking pride in it.”

Coun Milburn says he is aware the council doesn’t own the land, but feels it should have a duty of care to residents with regards to the fencing.

He said: “Just last week the council was worried about our Christmas trees being too tall and close to overhead power lines.

“Well I think someone should also be worried about the state of the railings.

“Mothers push their prams along there and there’s always kids running about, these railings won’t stop them, they’r rotten.”

A spokeswoman for South Tyneside Council said: “The Cleadon In Bloom group has secured some funding to regenerate the area and has plans to install new fencing, paths and seating as well as updating the drainage around the pond which will improve the habitat for wildlife.

“The council will assist the group and will also inspect the fencing in the area.”