Engineers working on phone fault

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RESIDENTS have been left disconnected because of damage to underground telephone cables.

Homes across Cleadon, the area’s primary school and the Pinfold Court retirement complex, both in Boldon Lane, have all been without landline connections since late last week.

BT says badly corroded underground cables have caused the disruption and has apologised for the inconvenience, pledging to have all telephones reconnected before the end of the 

Coun Jeff Milburn, who represents Cleadon and East Boldon for the Conservatives, has been unable to use the landline at his home in the village’s Sunniside Lane since last Thursday.

A spokesman for BT said: “We are very sorry for the loss of services some customers are experiencing. Engineers have replaced a 150-metre section of underground cable which has restored service to some.

“However, a further stretch of 165 metres has since been identified as faulty. Unfortunately the duct housing this cable is severely blocked, which is hampering the speed of repair.

“Specialist engineers are on-site with cable engineers and machinery to unblock the duct. We expect to have service fully restored by the end of Friday at the