Election candidates vow to address local concerns

Labour candidates Alex Scullion, left, and Kevin Johnson.
Labour candidates Alex Scullion, left, and Kevin Johnson.
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The Labour Party has selected new faces to contest the city council elections in Houghton and the Copt Hill Wards.

Alex Scullion and Kevin Johnson, both from Houghton-le-Spring, will contest their first election in May.

Alex, who has run an electrical contracting business in Houghton, is well known in the business community, heritage and YMCA circles.

“As a lifetime Labour supporter I have decided to stand for the council,” he said.

“Houghton politics has been soured for years by people taking delight in being at odds with the city council.

“We need a new start and a new agenda for the Houghton township.

“We have issues in Houghton that need to be addressed.

“Working with our colleagues we can be a significant voice in the council chamber.”

Kevin, who works in the sport and leisure sector, was born and bred in Houghton, and is bidding to become one of its youngest-ever councillors.

A Labour activist, he has spent the last elections canvassing opinion as part of Labour’s doorstep team.

”I want to be part of a programme to re-invigorate the Houghton Township and look after the interests of the younger generation,” he said.

“I believe in progress and improvements, but first we need to establish a plan of priorities which we will publish in the run-up to the election.”