Eight ways to ensure you get the perfect pancake

Perfect pancakes
Perfect pancakes
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BREAK out the sugar, lemons and syrup – Shrove Tuesday is finally here.

But how do you make the perfect pancake?

Ros Noon, store manager from Marks & Spencer in Sunderland, shares her top tips to ensure your pancakes stack up against the rest:

1) Make sure your pan is piping hot so the batter sizzles as you pour it on

2) Use unsalted butter instead of oil to lubricate the pan. Unsalted butter not only tastes better, but has a lower whey content and burns less easily

3) Sieve your flour from high above the bowl to allow the air to get in

4) Don’t over mix the batter as the gluten will start to develop and make your pancakes chewy rather than light and fluffy

5) Do not flip the pancakes when you start to see bubbles, it’s perfect for flipping when the bubbles start to pop

6) Use a ladle so your batter can be poured in the pan in one go

7) Make sure you make plenty of batter – one is never enough!

8) A pancake wouldn’t be a pancake without some tasty topping so mix it up with some delicious sauces

So whether you’re planning a pancake race with the kids, or looking to tuck into a treat after work, make sure you have everything you need to ensure your Shrove Tuesday gets off to a flying start.