WATCH: Pupils’ project goes up in flames

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A SCHOOL project went up in flames to teach youngsters about fire safety.

After months of studying the topic of fire, the children at Rickleton Primary School in Washington were delighted to see their replica buildings burned to the ground.

Kate Fisher, a Year 1 teacher at the primary, said: “We have been studying the topic of the Great Fire of London across the whole of the curriculum and the children loved it.

“I then thought because we were in the North East we should look at the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead.”

The fire, which happened on Friday, October 6, 1854, killed 53 people and destroyed buildings on both sides of the River Tyne.

Ms Fisher said: “We went along to Washington Fire Station for our school trip, the children loved seeing the fire engines and going down the pole.”

The teacher said she was delighted when the firemen from the station agreed to come along to the school and re-create the Newcastle and Gateshead fire for the children, with models in the yard which the youngsters had built.

After the cardboard buildings had been destroyed by the flames two of the children were chosen to help the firefighters put out the blaze.

Ms Fisher said the aim of the day was to bring to life the history of what happened for the children.

She said it was also a good way to show the children how quickly fire can spread and teach them about fire safety.

Watch manager Gary Carabine, from Washington fire station, said: “This was a first for me, but I think it was a great idea.

“It gave the kids an insight into what happens during a fire.”

He said the firemen regularly visit nursery and primary schools to teach the children from a young age about the dangers of fire.