Teacher warns about dangers of local pay structure

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MASS resistance is needed to fight Government proposals to introduce regional pay for public sector workers, a North East teacher has warned.

 Tony Dowling, a member of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), has called for other unions to join together for a national strike against the plans, which he fears could lead to the “privatisation” of education.

 Mr Dowling was speaking at the NUT conference in Torquay, where he accused the Government of meddling in issues that they didn’t understand.

 “It is a fact that we are living, it seems to me, in an un-elected dictatorship of the Tory Government,” he said.

 “(Education Secretary) Michael Gove is acting as if he has carte blanche to do what he likes. He knows nothing about education.”

 The School Teachers’ Review Body – which deals with pay and conditions – has been asked by the Government to look at possibilities to making pay more “market facing”.

 It is part of a wider Government move to look at regional or local pay rates for the public sector but has been met with anger by many Wearside teachers.