Sunderland teenager’s DVD tells the ‘Truth About Youth’

Alex Cranswick-Hughes, from Seaburn.
Alex Cranswick-Hughes, from Seaburn.
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A TEENAGER aims to show the “Truth About Youth” with his new film.

Alex Cranswick-Hughes, from Seaburn, and other young members of the Truth About Youth project worked together to make a DVD to uncover stereotypes and try to change them through a series of challenges.

The 13-year-old was in the audience at the film’s premiere at the Tyneside cinema in Newcastle.

Project members also invited professionals and members of the public to be the first to view the DVD, which shows a life swap between a girl and her parent, a group challenge where young people revamp a local community centre and promotion of positive activities.

Alex said: “Being involved in the making of this DVD has been very exciting, it gives us a chance to show that not all young people are bad.

“We want everybody that sees it to think positively about young people.”

Young people were involved with all of the planning, ideas, animation and filming, which they hope will show people that there is a different side to young people.

Laura Iveson, young coordinator of Truth About Youth, said: “The project aims to challenge and change negative stereotypes by promoting a positive image.

“Events like the DVD premiere give young people a platform to show everybody what they are doing.”

Truth about Youth is one of several initiatives undertaken by The Co-operative Foundation to support young people.

Seven cities in the UK have received a share of £2million in funding from the Foundation, which is the grant-making arm of The Co-operative Group.

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