Sunderland student snapped up by pharmacy

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A STUDENT created such good chemistry with staff and customers on a placement, she has been given a job a year before she has graduated.

Michelle Loh landed the post after she impressed during a two-month internship period at Wickham Pharmacy.

Originally from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the 21-year-old University of Sunderland student has been told that a job is hers when she graduates next summer.

Michelle studied her first two years at Sunderland’s international partners, SEGi University in Malaysia, before spending her last year on Wearside.

Despite cultural differences, Michelle tackled the challenges head on and after applying for a number of work placements, she was accepted in a practice in the North-East.

Mark Burdon, who owns four pharmacies across the region, is a graduate and keeps close links because of the reputation of pharmacy at the university.

Michelle said this was the key reason in deciding to come to Sunderland ahead of other institutions because of the rates of employment of pharmacy graduates.

She said: “I am incredibly happy I have the opportunity to study my final year knowing I have a job when I graduate. I certainly made the right choice in coming to Sunderland.”

Michelle is not alone in earning early career success.

Beth Choi, from Rickleton, landed a placement at one of Mark Burdon’s pharmacies in Lanchester, despite having only completed one year at the Sunderland University.

After displaying the levels she could work at, Mark has already said he would welcome Beth with open arms to come back to work in his pharmacy. He is also hoping to take her on in full-time employment once she graduates.

Beth said the placement has enabled her to become involved in hands-on work with the community and added to her confidence.

Mark said he was delighted to extend his relationship with the university and help students into the world of employment.

“The best way of recruiting staff is directly from the University of Sunderland,” he said.

“They know how to prepare people for what I’m looking for.

“I can always be very confident they will be ready to be thrown into the demands of working life when they come on placements and I’ll always look for it to be longer term if they impress.”

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