Sunderland High School sees third of exam entries gain A or A*

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Sunderland High School is congratulating its pupils after 34 per cent of exam entrants were awarded A* and A grades.

Dr Angela Slater, Head of Sunderland High School, said: “This group of students set themselves a challenging target at the beginning of Year 10. They have worked extremely hard and, with the support of their parents and the staff here, their efforts have been rewarded.

“Their target was not only to pass but to achieve top quality grades – which they did, with an impressive 34% of entries achieving A* and A grades. Well done.”

Adam Bell, who has been at this school since the age of nine, has achieved 7A*s, 2As and a B.

He said: “I couldn’t sleep much last night so I am really tired today. I am really happy with my results. I feel that I have done better than I expected. I can’t wait to go away on holiday with my family to celebrate.”

Adam Liddle, who has been at Sunderland High School since Year 4, achieved 8A*s and 2As.

He said: “I am so happy with my results. I can’t wait to tell my parents. I have done much better than I thought I would, especially in Latin – these results set me up to do all 3 sciences at A Level so I am really pleased.”

Emily Marsh achieved 5A*s, 4As and a B. “I’ve had about five hours’ sleep! I am so pleased with my results. I’ve done better than I thought I would as well. I just can’t wait to go and celebrate.”

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