Sunderland author Terry Deary helps break world reading record

Sunderland-born author Terry Deary
Sunderland-born author Terry Deary
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SUNDERLAND-born author Terry Deary is a world record setter.

The Horrible Histories man was at Warwick Castle yesterday to lead a bid by ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain to set the first world record for the number of parents and children reading together.

Organisers managed to bring together 427 couples to take part in the challenge.

Terry said: “It’s incredible, the idea that nobody has thought to do this before and that we have set the record.”

Organisers had to show those taking part were genuine in order to set an official Guinness world record.

The author added: “All the parents and children had to prove they went in, so it was a big thing to organise.”

Good Morning Britain has been running a campaign urging parents to spend ten minutes a day reading to their children.

“Reading to children is something I have been talking about for years,” said Terry. “Parents have to accept some responsibility for teaching their own children, but it is also really good for the relationship between parent and child.

“It is not just about reading ability, it is about building a link between parents and children.

“Everybody wins. One dad was really keen to stress that fathers should be seen reading, even if it’s only the newspaper, otherwise boys don’t have a role model for reading.”