'Sounds like life in North Korea' - what you said about the 'wrong trousers' row at Kepier School

The row began yesterday at Kepier.
The row began yesterday at Kepier.

Hundreds of you have voiced your opinions after pupils at a school on Wearside were forced to "line up in the rain" to get their trousers colour-matched.

The Echo revealed yesterday that youngsters arriving at Kepier School, in Houghton, for the first day of term were subject to uniform checks. Pupils were then punished for not wearing the exact grey trousers supplied by the school's sanctioned uniform provider, Total Sport.

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Many parents responded with criticism - while some backed Kepier's policy. The school's principal Nicola Cooper yesterday said: "We are very proud of our new uniform and learners look extremely smart."

You have all been having your say on the row - here are some of your comments from social media.

Mick Tufton: "Whatever happened to just buying a badge and a tie from the school reception desk like my mam and dad did for Washington Comp in 1989. It was about education then but now everything is all about costs for this, costs for that. Main point is education!"

Pupils lined up yesterday.

Pupils lined up yesterday.

Michelle Rose-McCaffery: "I don't see the issue? We all had fair warning of changes, the pupils had input too of the change of uniform, we told were to purchase uniform and to be fair the trousers are the same price I was paying at New Look for my daughter's last pair that didn't last two mins, as for a uniform check I agree as some may feel they can still wear what they want having everyone the same will make for less children getting criticised by their peers for not having the "in" clothes."

Louise Cullen: "I think the uniform looks smart however I don't agree with having to stick to one supplier for the trousers. Parents should be able to purchase from other suppliers depending on their budget and get suitable fitting for their child."

Steven Shaw: "The main issue here isn't the uniform policy or the cost. It's how the school dealt with the problem, it's unacceptable and could have been dealt with in a much better manner."

Joyce Galley: "It really annoys me the way some schools act over uniform. As long as the children look smart is all that should matter. Families should be able to buy the uniform from which ever shop they want and more importantly, they can afford."

Andrea Fairless: "Someone is taking 50 shades of grey to an extreme level. Does it really matter what shade they are as long as the children are actually attending school to be taught the curriculum and not ostracized for a pair of trousers."

Jamie Lea Church: "Maybe the school should provide the whole uniform as a complete package, purchased only from the school and parents pay the school (payment plans etc) just like the police force or companies which require a uniform"

Glyn Dixon: "Imagine you're a nervous first day student at this school you don't know your teacher or anything and the first thing they do is inspect your uniform and send you home. It's bullying. The head should apologise."

Steph Hetherington: "My son has had an issue with his shoes, told they look too "trainery" took to one side, said they had logos on, it is nearly impossible to find a school shoe with no logos on. I bought his shoes from Clinkards at Dalton Park, so yes they are school shoes not trainers."

LadySarah Jane Wilkinson: "Not all parents can afford the price of the 'correct' dress code from the correct shop trousers & wouldn't it be better for a child to be allowed to wear grey trousers from another shop than risk losing attendance marks."

Kay White: "Wow! This has got me so annoyed! Looking smart DOES NOT equal better learning! I'll be rethinking school choices for my current year 6 child! And also children were made to line up and then were judged. As a parent that breaks my heart. Talk about feeling second best. Majority of bairns there will have looked smart regardless of whether the shoes were leather. Whether the trousers were from Asda, Primark or Total Sport. And as for the comment about 10% of parents disregarding the rules ... well walk a mile in their shoes before you pass judgement on their decisions of how they bring up their own children."

Alison Mason: "Simple really - buy the correct trousers as instructed by the school. It's a no brainer. Parents to blame."

Sam Mccormick: "Well I think it's a disgrace. They are there to learn not to be victimised over a pair of trousers. How on earth is a pair of trouser going to affect their learning. Silly silly."

Lauren Cousins: "Load of fuss over nothing, just buy the trousers and be done with it."

Keith Hood: "Pupils lined up while headteacher compares trousers to a colour swatch! Sounds like life in North Korea."