Schoolgirl chosen to work with London artist

Lucy-Jo Askew with artist Izzy Moreau.
Lucy-Jo Askew with artist Izzy Moreau.
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ART-LOVING youngster Lucy-Jo Askew’s dream of working with a professional artist has come true.

The nine-year-old, from Washington, got the chance to join artist Izzy Moreau at her studio in London to pursue her interest in art and design.

Lucy-Jo, a pupil at Barmston Village Primary School, first met Izzy at an art workshop on board the Princess Seaways cruise ferry, which sails between Newcastle and Amsterdam in Holland.

The workshop was during Izzy’s artist residency for DFDS Seaways and Lucy-Jo’s school was invited to attend the workshop, during which the youngster demonstrated a clear enthusiasm and determination to pursue an artistic career.

Lucy-Jo travelled to London with her family on a trip paid for by DFDS, and attended a one-on-one session with Izzy, during which Lucy-Jo used various media to create artwork, including pastel drawings and a three-dimensional structure for a toy horse.

To mark her first visit to London, Izzy also took her on a bus tour to take in the sights of the capital, before rounding off her trip with a visit to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

Izzy said: “Lucy-Jo has a clear talent and her trip to London was truly magical and one of the highlights of my residency.

“Lucy has already been helped by the high standard of teaching at her school and her art teacher’s enthusiasm. This, however, is not always the case and art is often overlooked in the National Curriculum, which is a real shame as it is a fundamental way to engage and inspire children on so many levels.

“My residency with DFDS Seaways has been very special, as it has enabled me to reach out to a wide range of people and show them something new and, occasionally, opportunities like this can end up changing peoples’ lives.”