School wins share of £6billion revamp pot

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A WEARSIDE school has been successful in a bid to have its building overhauled as part of a £6billion government scheme.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced yesterday that Houghton school Kepier, in Dairy Lane, will be fast-tracked to improvement.

The school is one of 277 included in the Priority School Building Programme 2 (PSBP2), which will share a funding pot of £2billion, with another £4billion pledged for investment between 2015 and 2018.

The successful schools will now have the condition of one or more of their buildings addressed as part of the programme, if they meet certain criteria. Scoping studies are set to commence in April, to assess the work required, along with timescales.

The PSPB replaced the previous school building initiative – Building Schools for the Future (BSF), which took three years for construction work to begin. This was slashed to one year for the PSBP, with projects costing around a third less.

Sunderland schools successful in the first phase of the PSBP included Hetton School, Hylton Castle Primary School, Shiney Row Primary School, St Anthony’s Catholic Girls’ Academy and Usworth Grange Primary School.

In October, Malborough Primary School became the first Wearside school to be delivered through phase 1 on the programme, replacing the former Usworth Grange Primary School.