Nursery puts children on the right path

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LITTLE ones at a Wearside nursery are getting a good start to their education, says Ofsted.

The Washington Day Nursery, in Blackfell Village, has been rated as good following a recent visit.

In their report, inspectors said: “Activities match children’s interests and respond to their needs.

“Adults listen to children and effectively extend their learning, by joining in their play and using open-ended questions to encourage further explorations. The experienced staff’s caring and sensitive manner helps children form secure emotional attachments and develops their confidence.

“This builds a strong and secure base for children’s increasing independence.

“Accurate and focused self-evaluation promotes continuous development and ensures improvements are made in areas where they are most needed.

“There are strong partnerships with parents and other people involved in the care of the children, which effectively ensures each child’s individual needs are known and met.”

To further improve early years provision, the nursery needs to provide a range of large play equipment for children to use in different ways, such as A-frames so that they can develop their motor skills when climbing.

It also needs to add child-made books and more stories to the book area for two- to three-year-olds for sharing stories with others.