Norwegian students celebrate links going back to the Vikings

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STUDENTS brought a taste of Scandinavia to their colleagues.

The young Norwegians held a special event to celebrate their country’s Constitution Day

Each year, 30 students from Oslo’s top college, Elvebakken, spend 12 months studying a range of A-levels at the Sixth Form Centre, New College Durham.

Tutor Alan Galley said: “The students, on a fast track to careers with Norwegian multinational companies such as Statoil & Telenor, are here on a gap year, to improve not only their academic performance, but also to forge cultural and language links going back to the Vikings.”

The students provided a spread of traditional Norwegian food such as waffles, Norwegian buns, cheese, fish and fruit at the college’s Le Nouveau training restaurant.

Exchange student Andrea Raugland, one of the organisers of the event, praised the college’s staff.

She said: “Mairi Thompson, our personal learning coach, has done a brilliant job in ensuring our happiness, both as a part of an English host family and as a student at college.”

“The Sixth Form Centre tutors have put in a large amount of effort to ensure that we felt comfortable with the English school system and that the subjects we had chosen would suit us.

“They have spent several hours with us to explain how their subjects were set up and how they would structure the lessons.”

New College Durham has been awarded the Highly Trusted Sponsor status by the UK Border Agency, which enables it to advise and support future international students.

Its international office, which helped find host families for the visiting students, has already secured the next group of Norwegian A-level students, starting in September.

It is also currently working with a college in Denmark, to set up a similar exchange programme for Danish students to study towards their International Baccalaureate.