Kathryn draws on own experiences for book explaining sexuality to children

Student Kathryn Bird with her children's book and exhibition 'Girls are Pink, Boys are Blue?'
Student Kathryn Bird with her children's book and exhibition 'Girls are Pink, Boys are Blue?'
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A STUDENT has drawn on her own experiences to create a book that explains sexuality to children as part of her degree.

Kathryn Bird’s book, Girls are Pink, Boys are Blue?, was created during her MA in illustration and design at Sunderland University.

The book tells the story of a girl growing up feeling different to her peers. After initially attempting to fit in, things improve for the character when she accepts and embraces her individuality.

Having graduated, Kathryn, 22, now wants to continue with the project and hopes to get it published, to teach children about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life, in addition to heterosexuality at an early age.

“The issue of LGBT people is really taboo when it comes to talking about children and introducing it to them,” Kathryn said.

“I want to try and create a resource that could explain without being taboo and without it being too adult.

“It is something children need to know about, as they are the future of the LGBT community. Whenever you talk about gay people everybody instantly thinks about sexual things and it’s really not about that, that’s what I tried to bring into my book.

“I have a girlfriend and even when I talk about it with my family, who are accepting of me, it still feels a bit awkward. I just wanted to shed light on it. I want people to understand what LGBT people go through.

“It’s not something that is explained to young children, it’s difficult to learn about it.

“Everything that’s out there seems to be targeting teens or older children – as you get into being a young adult.

“Children get bombarded with heterosexual lifestyle, as opposed to alternative options. There’s not that many resources in schools at the moment and not many primary schools teach anything about it.”