Inspectors praise Sunderland school’s help for pupils’ progress

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A PRIMARY has been graded good by education chiefs.

The Ofsted inspectors report into Valley Road Community Primary School, Hendon, said: “The headteacher has taken extremely effective action to improve achievement by rapidly increasing the proportion of good and outstanding teaching and eradicating weak teaching.

“Progress is good. Attainment at Year 6 is below average, but the individual starting points of many children are significantly below expectations, and the gains in learning represent good achievement.

“Behaviour and safety are good because the school succeeds in encouraging pupils to behave consistently well.

“Pupils have a good understanding of how to be safe.

“Provision for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs is good. Consequently, they make good progress.”

They added: “The curriculum promotes pupils’ good achievement and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It meets the needs of all pupils. “Partnerships with parents are a strength of the school. This is due to the proactive involvement of the family support worker supported by the headteacher.

To improve the school needs to raise the quality of teaching and learning by sharing outstanding practice, providing more opportunities for pupils to apply maths strategies, providing more consistent feedback through marking, and ensuring teaching assistants offer consistently good support in maths.