How Apple technology is helping educate Sunderland students

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A NEW era of learning is dawning at Sunderland College.

Laptops and tablets have become a common sight in lecture theatres and seminar rooms, but the college is set to take another step by using Apple technology as part of a new educational toolkit.

The college has invested in Apple TV boxes and iPads which are allowing tutors and students to link up to encourage collaborative learning.

Sixty-five college tutors have signed up to the pilot scheme, to enable them to show students relevant websites, use apps and view documents on large screens in real-time.

The new equipment also allows students to access apps to test their knowledge, check their seminar schedules and browse online research sites.

Gerard Adler, learning technology co-ordinator, said: “I’m delighted the college has invested in Apple technology to help with the students’ studies. It is an excellent piece of equipment and I’m sure the investment will pay for itself in the value it will add to courses and the college’s offering.

“The students respond to new technology, I truly believe that this equipment should be embedded in the way in which courses are delivered and they will help to provide a dynamic learning experience.

“The tutors will certainly embrace using iPad in their seminars and I’m sure they will continue to develop the way they are used as new apps are introduced.”

Principal at Sunderland College, Anne Isherwood, said: “We recognise the importance of new technology and developing the way in which our tutors teach.  

“The majority of our students have been using computers and software since an early age so it is important that we invest in equipment that young people can really connect with.”

“The iPad encourages teachers to move away from their desk as the students can see what they are doing on the tablet by simply watching the TV screen.”