Heart attack survivor slams NHS pay freeze ‘betrayal’

Carole Watson
Carole Watson
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A WEARSIDE lecturer who was close to death has hit out at the refusal to give NHS workers a pay rise.

Carole Watson, a media lecturer at the University of Sunderland, said she realised the amazing work medical staff do after having a heart attack on the day Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt refused to give nurses any more money.

The 46-year-old was close to death when she collapsed with chest pains and was rushed to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

She said: “I would not be here today without the skill, commitment and care I received in a whirlwind three hours that went from initial diagnosis of a panic attack to an ambulance, lights flashing, rushing me straight to an operating theatre at ­Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.”

Carole, said she would never be able to thank the surgeons enough for performing the life-saving angioplasty.

She added: “It was the care I received from overstretched nurses over the following two days that makes me so angry at Mr Hunt and his betrayal of NHS staff.”

The nurses comforted her in the night and asked a fellow younger heart patient to chat with her.

Carole said: “It is the little things these nurses do that Mr Hunt will never understand.

“I’m sure they don’t come up on any appraisal form or list of key skills, and are taken for granted in the posh private hospitals Mr Hunt and his pals will turn to if, like me, they find themselves crippled with chest pains and short of breath.”