EXCELLENCE...(L to R)Joshua Gray, Andrew Brown, Jamie Anderson, Troy Defty and Jonothan Dixon.
EXCELLENCE...(L to R)Joshua Gray, Andrew Brown, Jamie Anderson, Troy Defty and Jonothan Dixon.
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Our GCSE team are now out and about touring schools in Wearside and East Durham to bring you news, pictures and video – get updates here.

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-Seaham School pupil Laura Harriman has picked up four A*s and five As.

Mum Hilary said: “I’m absolutely delighted. She has worked really hard.”

-Provisional results show at least 55 per cent of Wearside pupils achieved five or more gold standard’ A*-C grade GCSEs including English and maths, up two per cent on last year.

-Farringdon School reporting English GCSE pass rate rose from 63 per cent last year to 76 per cent this year. Maths keeps high standard of 72 per cent.

-One pupil at St Aidan’s reported to have got 9 A* and an A.

-First congratulations tweet in from our editor, Rob Lawson: “Delighted to report my lad managed 8 A*s and 2 As at GCSE.”

-Education Reporter Sue Watson at Sandhill School: “Tears of joy and sadness at Sandhill. Overall school is delighted with results, but upsetting when kids don’t get what they’d hoped for.”

-Message from Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson: “Good luck to young people across Sunderland collecting GCSE results. I know you’ve worked extremely hard & we’re all proud of you.”

-Message from Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson: “Congratulations to everyone getting their GCSE results today. Young people are clearly working harder than ever, and we have the best generation of teachers the country has ever seen helping them along the way, so it is no surprise that the pass rate in Sunderland is getting better every year.

-‎Mollie Catcheside’s friend has posted to say she got four A*s, 11 As and three Bs. Well done Mollie!

-Alex Thomas from Seaham School of Technology got eight As and three Cs

-Emma Wilmot posted on our Facebook site to say she got three Cs, seven Bs and one A*. She said: “I’m so happy :)”

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