Find out more about Durham’s history

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TWO of a city’s centuries-old institutions will join forces this weekend to offer people the chance to discover their history.

The Mayor of Durham’s Bodyguard and the City of Durham Freemen will welcome visitors at the Town Hall from 10am to 4pm tomorrow.

The Behind the City Walls is part of the month-long Festival of the North East and the formal lead-in to the arrival of the Lindisfarne Gospels, which go on public display in the cathedral this summer.

The bodyguard, the oldest in England outside the City of London, was formed in 1602 and boasts 17 members.

One is the official sword bearer, the other the mace bearer and the remainder wear distinctive traditional dress and carry pikes.

The city freemen, an organisation formed in 1327, has more than 200 members, the highest membership in modern times, and broke with tradition to admit women members nearly 18 months ago and eight of its 16 craft guilds remain.

As well as meeting the groups, people can also enjoy a walk through tour of the Town Hall and view a variety of displays about the two organisations.

The session is also be linked to a charity coffee morning.