Educating the educators – inspectors praise Sunderland University’s teacher training

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UNIVERSITY bosses have been praised by education watchdogs for their teacher training provision.

Ofsted inspectors dubbed the training of secondary teachers at Sunderland University as outstanding, good for those training to work in higher education and satisfactory for the primary sector.

A spokesperson for the Wearside university, said: “We are delighted that Ofsted has expressed such confidence in our teacher education at all levels.

“We are particularly delighted that Ofsted has praised our students and their commitment to their chosen profession, and also our partners.

“We are very proud of the partnership between the university and many schools across the region and beyond, and are delighted that Ofsted endorses our view of the quality of the partnership.

“The faculty is so proud of our students and staff, and our colleagues with whom we work so closely in all phases of education across the region.”

In their report, the inspectors said there is strong communication between the university and its partners, good provision for equality and diversity, particularly in combating stereotyping, prejudice, racism and homophobia, good personal support for trainees on all courses and students have good understanding of safeguarding and child protection issues.

The inspectors said some of the key strengths of the primary teacher courses are the training in equality and diversity, the trainees’ good understanding of how to teach pupils with special educational needs, tutors’ good knowledge of schools in the partnership and the good pastoral support provided for trainees.

The report said: “All groups of trainees had a good working knowledge of how to teach pupils of different backgrounds. They also had a good understanding of how to tackle different diversity issues such as prejudice, stereotyping and how to deal with homophobia and racism.

“Most trainees taught satisfactory lessons; they had good relationships with pupils, they planned and taught well the skills of speaking and listening, and showed good levels of flexibility within lessons.”

In the area of secondary teacher training, the inspectors said: “Trainees’ attainment is outstanding. The overwhelming majority of trainees make at least good progress and some make outstanding progress from their starting points.

“As a result of the outstanding quality of training, trainees develop many strong aspects of practice, including a good understanding of safeguarding. They develop positive relationships with learners and successfully use a range of teaching and learning strategies to meet their varying learning needs.”

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