Durham University slammed over low pay for support staff

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A UNION has condemned bosses at Durham University, which it says are refusing to implement the Living Wage for their lowest paid workers.

Statistics supplied to Unison by the university in response to a freedom of information request show that, despite having £4.5million left over in their staff budget, Durham University has 597 staff earning less than £7.65 per hour, the Living Wage rate outside of London.

Regional organiser John McDade said: “It is disgraceful and shameful that Durham University blatantly refuses to treat their lowest paid employees with some dignity and pay them the Living Wage rate.”

Figures reveal that the university has saved £14.9million in the last five years, by consistently underspending on its staffing budget.

A Durham University spokesman said: “The university strives to maintain a good reward package for all its staff. Unison has not raised the Living Wage as a major concern in any local union consultative meeting.

“The Living Wage campaign takes no account of other benefits which our staff enjoy, most notably a secure final salary pension scheme, into which the university makes a contribution of 12 per cent of salary. In the majority of cases, staff in this category also receive additional supplements which take their remuneration above the living wage threshold.”