Durham teen excluded from school for indecently exposing himself, ‘sexual misconduct’ reports reveal

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A BOY was permanently excluded from school after he indecently exposed himself.

The 15-year-old from Durham was involved in one of 56 reports made in schools across County Durham between January 2010 and September.

The figures, from a total of 153 councils, showed children as young as four have been involved in “sexual misconduct” which describes graffiti in toilets to serious offending, such as sexual abuse and using pornography.

Nationally, boys involved outnumber girls by around 10 to one.

The details about County Durham show a 13-year-old boy was also excluded for making “inappropriate sexual gestures”.

Durham County Council said it would be a matter for individual schools to comment on such cases, although those involved have not been revealed.

A request to Sunderland City Council found it does not hold the figures, as they would be logged by schools.