Do you think the school holidays should change?

How should the school holidays be split?
How should the school holidays be split?

The summer holidays are drawing to a close - but have they been long enough for you?

New research has revealed that many parents would prefer the six-week break to be shorter in an effort to tackle high childcare costs and boredom amongst the kids. But what do you think?

The survey's results show that more than half of the UK parents of schoolchildren (53%) questioned are calling for shorter summer holidays, claiming the time should be spread throughout the year.

The stress of arranging childcare (35%), poor weather keeping kids indoors (56%) and boredom from children (41%) as parents run out of ideas to keep them entertained (35%)have all been cited as reasons for wishing to change the current format of the summer holidays.

James Endersby, Managing Director of Opinium, which carried out the research, said: "The six-week summer holiday in its current form clearly puts a lot of strain on the UK’s mums and dads.

"From the financial and logistical nightmare of arranging childcare to the high cost of holidays during this period, it’s no wonder that the nation’s parents are keen to try something new. Shorter, more frequent breaks could benefit parents but also help kids stay more focused on their education.”

Head teachers have also welcomed plans by Cardiff Council, where 42% of parents want to shorten the holidays, to rearrange the school year.