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STUDENTS looking for a headstart in the jobs market will be getting inspirational advice from successful design graduates.

Sunderland University’s Faculty of Arts, Design and Media is hosting its annual Design Employability day next week offering final-year students the chance to liaise with industry professionals, make contacts and improve their portfolios.

Shirley Wheeler, head of design at the university, said: “This is a great opportunity for our students to find out how those graduates who were once in their shoes managed to get their first steps on the employment ladder.

“We have an incredibly strong and varied list of alumni and other professionals who have kindly offered their time to meet and talk to our students and we’re delighted to welcome many of them back on campus.”

She added: “This event is just one of the varied activities the university offers to ensure our students have the right skills to meet the emerging needs of employers in a competitive jobs market.”

The day involves question-and-answer sessions between students and the invited alumni and professionals. There will then be a presentation on the use of social media to help with self-promotion for those in the creative sector.

Dozens of students are expected to attend, armed with their individual portfolios of work, to showcase them to the industry experts who will offer constructive advice.

Students from a variety of arts and design courses will attend the event, and introduced to organisations across the UK, in areas such as interior design, multi-media and graphics to marketing and communications.

Events like these show how higher education can introduce students to a network of professionals and organisations, in addition to research, knowledge exchange, placements and internships, which means they have the right skills to meet the needs of employers.

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