Deafness charity uses bionic ear to warn children of loud music danger

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A BIONIC Ear Show, from national charity Deafness Research UK, is making a tour of Durham schools.

The tour, from March 26 to 30, will go to seven Durham schools with a performance to highlight hearing protection.

The award-winning performance will deliver the charity’s message on hearing health and is sponsored by Bupa and the Big Lottery Fund.

The Bionic Ear Show warns people of the dangers to their hearing from loud noise.

The rise of deafness and tinnitus among the young is now being ascribed to the use of MP3 players.

With informative and entertaining hearing facts, the show is educating the MP3 generation on ways to enjoy their favourite sounds safely.

Vivienne Michael, chief executive of Deafness Research UK, said: “The revolution in MP3 technology has given us music on the move, but an unwelcome side-effect is high volumes are entering our ears at an earlier age than ever and is louder and lasting longer.

“The fear is we are all ‘downloading deafness’ and risking permanent damage and tinnitus.

“The message of the Bionic Ear Show is not to stop people listening to music but to listen to their favourite sounds safely.”