Children learn to grow their own vegetables

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GREEN-FINGERED children are learning how to grow their own vegetables.

Pupils at West Boldon Primary School in Hindmarch Drive, were visited by the village’s residents’ association, who presented them with rhubarb plants.

Reception class children were helped by neighbours to plant the vegetable.

Commie Baker, chairman of the residents’ association, said: “The children have created three raised beds in their school garden so they can grow vegetables, fruit and flowers as part their work.

“We wanted to give them something that was nice, but that wouldn’t take too much looking after, to allow for school holidays and things, and we thought that rhubarb would be nice.

“I think it’s lovely that the children are learning all about the environment and how to grow their own food.

“Some of the other raised beds were already planted with vegetable seeds so the rhubarb will be a nice addition.

“We’re thinking about giving them more plants and seeds in the future.”

Reception teacher Rachel Smith said: “We’re encouraging the children to take care of the environment and grow their own vegetables for a healthy lifestyle.”