Celebrations for Sunderland students out of Africa

The first Sunderland University students to graduate in Kenya.
The first Sunderland University students to graduate in Kenya.
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CELEBRATIONS are under way after Sunderland’s first Kenyan-based masters students graduated.

The University of Sunderland Business School MBA students collected their honours at the Intel College, Nairobi.

The graduates successfully studied the postgraduate programme through a partnership between the university and the African college.

The ceremony also saw 150 students graduate in BA Business and Management and BSc Computing from the University of Sunderland.

Chris Marshall, head of the business school at the university, stressed the importance of international partnerships when he presented the certificates.

He said: “The effect of positive partnerships such as the well-established association we have with Intel College in Kenya impacts not only on the lives of students but on local businesses and the economy.

“All of the MBA graduates are working full time, as business owners, private sector managers and government officials.

“The advanced studies our first Kenyan MBA graduates have completed will help to build an enterprising, outward-looking culture in Nairobi.

“For example, one student, chief executive of an IT company, chose to complete his final project on how to drive business development to the area.”

Chris said the students in Kenya worked incredibly hard to achieve their degrees and another 15 MBA students at Intel will graduate next year.

In the last five years, there have been 132 BA Business and Management students who have successfully completed their degrees from the association between the University of Sunderland Business School and Intel College.

The Sunderland Business School has built strong associations with higher education institutions abroad, including Trinidad, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cyprus, Germany, the Philippines, Morocco, Zambia and Hong Kong.

Viv Kinnaird, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Sunderland, said: “A graduation ceremony is only the beginning for our students throughout the world.

“The understanding and communication we build with cultures worldwide through our partnerships is important in helping individuals, higher education and businesses work together more effectively.”