Echo readers question BNP protest

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THE BNP is preparing to lead a demonstration in Sunderland today against the sale of halal meat.

As revealed by the Echo yesterday, party members and leader Nick Griffin plan on protesting outside the Subway shop in St Luke’s Terrace, Pallion.

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They claim the move is not politically or religiously motivated, but to prevent cruelty to animals.

However, this has been questioned by a number of people posting comments on the Echo website.

Washintun wrote: “BNP marching for animal rights? Come on now, even the most liberal of minded must see this is a desperate attempt to Islam bash.”

Bakers Dozen said: “Griffin is an opportunist and is desperate to keep his declining and now tainted BNP brand in the public eye.

“The British public are not as daft as he seems to think. I very much doubt Griffin has ever been to any run-of-the-mill abattoir and seen how some treat the animals awaiting slaughter.

“As for halal, and I will include kosher slaughter in that, there really is little difference with these practices to what used to happen before the age of large-scale meat production.

“This tells you all you need to know about Griffin’s motives around this issue.”

Tintontun added: “Let’s prioritise – there are people dying in the world, starvation, homelessness, physical, financial, mental and sexual abuse, no cures for many life-threatening illnesses, neglect, floods, people trafficking, blood diamonds, gang warfare, child soldiers.

“Where do you start to try and put this right – oh yes, sandwich fillings.”

Martin Vaughan, North East BNP representative, said the party would take on other animal cruelty issues if raised with them.