Easington MP attacks Labour leader Ed Miliband over union row

Grahame Morris MP.
Grahame Morris MP.
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A LABOUR MP has spoken out against his party leader.

Grahame Morris, who represents Easington, is one of a number of Northern MPs who have criticised Ed Miliband’s plans to abolish historic links between the party and the trade unions.

Mr Miliband risked splitting the party last year when he said he would no longer automatically take funding from union members.

The move came after accusations of vote rigging by unionists seeking selection as a Scottish MP.

His decision came amid claims of Labour-sanctioned union bullying in the Scottish town of Falkirk.

Mr Morris said Mr Miliband had: “managed to inflate a local row over a selection contest in Falkirk into a full-blown rewrite of Labour’s historic trade relations with the trade unions, which gave birth to the party over 100 years ago.”

A party spokesman said: “Ed Miliband’s reforms will strengthen Labour’s historic relationship with trade unions – ensuring that affiliated members are given a real choice about joining the party and then a real voice inside it.”