Eagle owl caught on camera after bird attacks in Cleadon

STRIKING A POSE ... Jess the eagle owl is caught on camera.
STRIKING A POSE ... Jess the eagle owl is caught on camera.
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AN OWL which is thought to be responsible for a number of attacks on people in has been caught on camera.

A European eagle owl has been roaming the skies around Cleadon for the last two years, after, apparently, accidentally escaping from captivity.

In recent months the bird of prey has been swooping down low and causing alarm for walkers and joggers.

Now Dave Rogers, from Cleadon, has managed to capture the bird, who he calls Jess, in all of her glory after she landed on his conservatory roof.

Dave, who often feeds Jess mice which his cat has brought home, said: “She hasn’t been around for a while but she came to visit me on Janury 19 .

“I normally feed her ‘cat kill’ mice but my cat has been pretty rubbish of late, not retrieving the required mice on a regular basis.

“Although I had no mice to feed her, I called her over from a telegraph pole in the next street and she posed for these photos on my conservatory roof.

“This animal is awesome. She stands 2ft or more tall and must have a wing span of six to seven feet.

She is absolutely silent in flight, even taking off. Her feet are massive and her talons are like hooks, about the same radius as a 50p piece. Scary yet absolutely beautiful.”

In September a teenage jogger became spooked by the bird while running on Cleadon Hills.

The then 17-year-old suffered from whiplash after he fell to the ground when the bird delivered a blow to the back of his head.

In November, a 14-year-old boy was attacked in Cleadon Meadow which resulted in teenager’s Patterdale terrier bolting out into the road and being knocked over by a car.

The incident left the 18-week-old puppy with a broken pelvis and leg.

In December, the boy was attacked for a second time, in the same location, while visiting his grandmother’s home.