Durham University’ wins special lacrosse status

Team Durham Lacrosse High Performance Academy Photo shoot taken, Durham on December 12 2012
Team Durham Lacrosse High Performance Academy Photo shoot taken, Durham on December 12 2012
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A TEAM’S talents have helped their university make history by winning it a specialist status.

Durham University has been awarded the title of English Lacrosse High Performance University in recognition of the work it has done through its lacrosse programme.

As part of English Lacrosse’s development of its Elite Playing Pathway, Durham will work closely with the game’s leaders to enhance its programme of to support talented players, develop leadership and increase participation within the university and its wider community.

Quentin Sloper, head of Sport at the university, said: “This award is the result of working in partnership with English Lacrosse over the last five years to develop a programme which meets all requirements and standards.

“We are committed to the development of lacrosse at all levels within the university and we are very excited to see the fruits of our success in the British universities colleges and sport competition and the growth of the sport in general in Durham.”

Interest in English Lacrosse in universities has increased over the last four years and those involved in encouraging the sport are looking to award the High Performance title to others in the future.

David Coldwell, national club development manager for English Lacrosse, said: “High Performance Universities are an important step for English Lacrosse. “Talented athletes are not only searching for a University that meets their academic requirements but also one that will assist in developing their lacrosse careers.

“High performance Universities give students involved the support that is required to achieve international success. I hope that there are more universities that will want to create strong partnerships such as the one forged with Durham.”

Many members of Team England attend or have attended university and Durham’s programme should give prospective students the confidence that they will receive quality coaching and competition at the university.

Lacrosse, translated as ‘the stick‘, is a team sport most popular in North America and played by teams of ten players using long-handled sticks that have mesh designed to throw, catch and hold a rubber ball.

The aim of the game is to score into the opposition’s goal who will in turn try to dispossess you of the ball through the use of their stick and body contact or positioning.

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