Durham householders urged to get the most out of waste

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HOUSEHOLDERS are being urged to get composting this autumn.

Durham County Council is launching a campaign to encourage people to recycle their garden waste.

Rachel Gatland, waste strategy and policy officer, said: “At this time of year people are thinking about tidying up the garden and it’s an ideal time to start composting.

“There’s plenty of garden waste available, such as spent bedding plants, grass cuttings, autumn leaves and prunings, which can all be recycled over the coming months to produce nutritious compost ready for use in the garden next spring.

“Adding waste to your compost during the cooler weather helps to keep the process going, at a time when the decomposition will naturally slow down.”

A display containing information about home composting will go to 27 libraries throughout County Durham during the campaign, which runs until early November.

The authority is giving people the chance to get a 220-litre compost bin at the reduced price of £15, as well as a further offer to get a second bin for £7.50, plus £5.49 for delivery.

To order a bin call 0844 571 444 or visit www.getcomposting.com

For further details click here or call 383 5674.