Durham crematorium could sell power to the people

Durham Crematorium, South Road, Durham.
Durham Crematorium, South Road, Durham.
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THE dead could help bring household items to life as a crematorium seeks permission to generate power.

Durham Crematorium could become the first in the UK to sell energy made from its work to the National Grid.

It wants to install turbines in two of its burners, which would use the heat generated during the cremation process to create enough electricity to power 1,500 televisions.

A third burner could be used to hear the South Road site’s chapel and offices.

Alan Jose, superintendent and registrar, said: “We will have far more electricity than we can possibly need, so we would feeding a reasonable amount into the grid.

“If there is a genuine spare capacity to generate electricity, then we are certainly interested in investing in that.

“And if it was thought to be acceptable in the eyes of the public we would almost certainly pursue that.

“Apart from it being common sense for us to try and conserve energy, it also enables us to keep the fees down.”

He added he does not want to upset people, or for the site to become known as a power station.

The turbines would be powered by steam produced by the cooling hot gases.

Most of the heat is said to come from the gases, rather than bodies.

A deal with energy companies could generate about £2,500 a month for the site.