Drivers' fury at hoodie who keyed their cars

Fuming drivers have slammed the 'mindless vandal' who keyed their cars in a sickening overnight crime spree.

Sunday, 12th March 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:11 am

Residents in three Sunderland streets - Southend Road, Grindon Lane and Gleneagles Road - woke today to find a hoodied thug had run a 'sharp implement' down the side of up to 60 vehicles.

Victims spoke to the Echo to vent their anger. Sarah Woodward, 23, of Gleneagles Road - only bought her £10,000 limited edition Hyundai Velo Star 13-plate less than two weeks ago.

It was one of only 2,000 made, she said.

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Just last week, she sent it off for £200 of specialist paintwork. It's been ruined by the vandal attack which will cost £400 to repair.

"I am really angry," said Sarah who works as a carer. "I have only had it back from the garage a day."

CCTV footage, she said, showed the culprit actually bending down to damage her car all the way along the side. The attack has damaged two different panels which will both need repairs - and that's £400 of work.

Marilyn Woodward, from Glebe Crescent said: "There's been about 40 cars done. There was only one man as he was caught on camera. You see him walking down the street and he does my grand-daughter's car and then mine.

"They are just scum who have got nothing better to do. They are just going round ruining people's lives.

"The police have been and taken the footage from the camera's. You saw him looking at the camera and then he just carries on. He came from the Grindon Lane end.

"There was just one lad, he was wearing a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms."

Grandfather John Stewart, from Glebe Crescent was told his car was one of a number of vehicles attacked by a "mindless vandal".

He said: "This is the second time this has happened now. My neighbour from two doors down came and told me. It happened at about 1am. I didn't hear a thing. It just seems to be cars on one side if the road that have been done.

"The police have been out. It's just mindless. It cost me £100 last time it happened.

"There's just no call for it."