Driver and dog had lucky escape after runaway bus hit their car

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A DRIVER has told of his lucky escape after a runaway bus ploughed into his car.

Michael Walker was driving his Merecedes E220 along Sea Lane on Saturday morning when the single decker vehicle veered off track and headed straight for his car.

The bus where it came to rest on the Seaburn Recreation Field, Sunderland.

The bus where it came to rest on the Seaburn Recreation Field, Sunderland.

The 55-year-old, who had his Westie dog Max with him, said: “I was driving towards the roundabout when I saw the bus coming over the central reservation, heading straight for me.

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“It all happened so fast that all I remember is seeing the sheer panic on the driver’s face. He had no control of the vehicle at all.

“All I could do was put my brakes on and wait for the impact. There was absolutely nothing else for me to do.”

Mr Walker, 55, braced himself as the bus headed straight for the silver car he bought four years ago and slammed into the front of it, causing it to spin.

“It hit me at about a 45˚ angle and I think that’s what saved me because it turned my car around, otherwise I would have been seriously injured,” he said.

Mr Walker, of Fulwell Road, managed to get out of his car as the Stagecoach vehicle went on to hit a lamppost, before smashing through a fence and ploughing into Seaburn Recreation Centre.

“I was OK and so was Max. I was shaken. I was very, very lucky. It could easily have been a lot worse,” he said.

“Everyone was panicking and shaken. There was an off-duty firefighter who was checking everyone was OK until the ambulance got there.

“You just don’t expect to see a bus totally out of control like that. It was unreal.”

The construction company director’s car has been written off. The bus driver received treatment for minor injuries after being sprayed with debris from the smashed windscreen.

None of the six passengers on board were harmed.

An investigation has been launched to find the cause of the smash, which took place at about 9.15am on Saturday.

The road was closed for about three hours while the bus, which was travelling off the roundabout at the bottom of Sea Road when the incident happened, was removed from the field.

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