Drive to help spot brain bug

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WEARSIDE grandparents are being encouraged to be on the lookout for the early signs of meningitis when caring for their grandchildren.

The Meningitis Trust is seeking to raise awareness of the potentially fatal disease among senior citizens.

It will coincide with Grandparents’ Day on Sunday.

Statistics show grandparents are spending more time with their grandchildren than ever before, with many mums and dads now both working full-time.

It is estimated that in the UK, 60 per cent of childcare provision is by grandparents.

Grandparents’ Day was launched as a special thank- you day for nans and granddads in 1990 and the Meningitis Trust is keen to work with older people as they fall into one of the most at-risk age categories, along with babies and the under-5s.

Sue Davie, chief executive at the Meningitis Trust, said: “Three children a week can die from the deadly bacterial meningitis which can kill in just hours if the symptoms go unrecognised.

“Grandparents need to be vigilant in spotting the early signs of the disease, which often starts off like flu and is usually more prevalent during the cold winter.”