Dog suffers electric shock after urinating on lamp post

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A LABRADOR received an electric shock when it cocked its leg on a lamp post.

The pooch was shocked after relieving itself on a metal lamp post in Cottages Row, Dawdon.

Its owner called the fire service when the lamp post started smoking after her dog received the shock around 10am on Thursday.

A spokesman for Seaham fire station said: “The dog received two shocks, because it went back to the same lamp post twice.

“We think there was a fault with the electricity because of the weather conditions.

“The lamp post was so hot it was smoking where it made contact with the earth.

“We contacted the council and they sent someone to repair it and they found another lamp post was affected.

“We were there around 45 minutes.

“The dog and its owner were fine, it was just shaking a bit.”