Dog plunged 30ft from cliff while chasing birds

CLIFF WARNING... coastguard spokesman Neil Mearns.
CLIFF WARNING... coastguard spokesman Neil Mearns.
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DOG-owners have been warned to take care of their animals after one pet had a lucky escape.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier had to be rescued after plunging more than 30ft down cliffs on Saturday afternoon.

Coast looking south towards Souter lighthouse.

Coast looking south towards Souter lighthouse.

Volunteers from Sunderland Coastguard helped rescue the animal after it ran over the cliff edge just north of Souter lighthouse near Whitburn while chasing birds.

Coastguard spokesman Neil Mearns said owners exercising their pets off the leash too close to the cliff edge was a common problem, despite repeated warnings.

“In this case, the owner has learned the hard way as a result of this, but it could have been much worse,” he said.

“The dog has been lucky and hasn’t suffered anything more than a minor injury to its mouth.

“We are always urging people to keep their pets on a lead close to the cliff but even when we were there on Saturday, there were people letting their animals run around.

“They knew what was going on, but they were still walking their dogs off the lead. It is a problem that has been going on for many years but it just does not seem to be getting any better.

“People don’t heed the warnings or use their common sense. They could be lucky, like on Saturday, but quite often their pets can be badly injured or even killed.”

Neil believes dog-owners forget their pets have a different line of sight from humans and cannot see the cliff edge.

“A dog’s line of sight is much lower than a human’s – they can be running right up to the cliff edge and just not realise it is there.”

The added worry for Coastguard volunteers is that owners whose pets fall over the cliff edge may be tempted to stage their own rescue attempts.

“If there is any incident involving the cliff edge, people must ring 999 and ask for the Coastguard, who will carry out any rescue,” said Neil.

“The cliffs are very, very dangerous.”

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