Dog owner's thanks to family for saving pet and partner from the sea

A dog owner has thanked a family who helped save her partner and dog from a high sea after their pet dashed into the water.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 4:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 4:23 pm
Helen McKenzie with Corey Waring and Bonnie the Labrador he saved along with his owner.

Sunderland Royal Hospital nurse Helen Mckenzie, 40, and her boyfriend Mark, 44, a warehouse manager, went out for a jog along the seafront of their home town of Seaham with Labradors Bonnie, three, and Bella, nine, on Monday afternoon.

Bonnie managed to get into the rough sea through an inlet in the promenade wall near Featherbed Rocks, leading to Mark rushing in after her.

Corey Waring with Bonnie the Labrador and Helen McKenzie. Back from left Corey's sister kinishia, mother Kylie and sister Courtney Waring

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By chance, Kylie Waring had taken her children Corey, 20, Courtney, 17, and Kinisha, 13, down to Seaham’s seafront for fish and chips with Corey’s girlfriend Charlotte Bentham, 19, when they spotted the pair in difficulty.

Today, Helen has thanked the family for going to their rescue as they were reunited near to the spot where they all feared the worst was going to happen.

She says it’s down to the cool-headed reaction of NSK worker Corey, from Peterlee, that the incident was brought to a safe conclusion as he led his family in the rescue and tried to encourage the dog out of the water.

He had used a life ring and rope to reach Mark and pull him to safety - while Bonnie managed to reach shore herself.

Corey Waring saved Bonnie the Labrador along with his owner by using the lifebouy

Meanwhile his family called the Coastguard in case more help was needed and held on to Bella on a lead.

Helen said: “I want to say how grateful we are, especially to Corey, who was just so calm, he was brilliant.

“To think he’s only 20, he’s got his head screwed on and he should be proud of himself.

“After it happened, we didn’t talk about it, I just think Mark was traumatised.

“He thought that was it.

“It’s just a huge relief for us and we want to thank them for what they did.

“We stayed up with Bonnie all night just in case, but she’s fine and back to her usual self.”

Helen said Mark was standing on an area of concrete near to the water trying to reach their pet.

“We know it’s a totally stupid thing to do, but it’s like your child and a member of your family,” she added.

Kylie, who works at McColl’s in Fulwell Road in Peterlee, and is married to Kevin, 43, who runs The Bicycle Repair Man in Beverley Way in their home town, was with Corey, Hartlepool Sixth Form College student Courtney, The Academy at Shotton Hall pupil Kinisha and Charlotte when they heard shouting from the promenade.

Kylie, who was shouted back to safety by her son who feared she would be swept away by the waves, said: “When Mark got out, his leg was all cut and his T-shirt was ripped, he was in a right state.

“We just knew we needed to help.
“After, they put a message on Facebook to thank us and people have been putting comments on saying we’re local heros.

“They’ve said they’ll buy Corey a cap, as he lost his.

“I’m so proud of what they did.”