Dog fight over shed called off

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A FAMILY has given up its bid to keep a dog shed.

Last month, the Echo reported on Gail Baines and son Richard Butler, who kept two lurchers in the shed in their back garden.

However, Gentoo said there had been a breach of the tenancy agreement and that it received numerous complaints over the condition and cleanliness of a dog pen at the property, in The Crescent, Silksworth.

Gail, 37, believed the family had complied with the housing company’s wishes.

But after almost two years of arguments, Gentoo told Gail they were going ahead with eviction proceedings.

The supermarket worker said she had no choice but to back down.

Heartbroken Richard, 24, has now sent one of the two dogs to a new home.

Gail said the dogs meant the world to her partially-sighted son.

“These dogs are my son’s life. I don’t understand why they are doing this to us,” she said.

“The housing officer suggested the new shed was fine.”

At the time Gentoo said: “Despite a number opportunities and working with Mrs Baines, this continues to be an unacceptable situation to ourselves and other residents affected.

“Unfortunately, this is a breach of tenancy and we have moved on to dealing with it in this way .”