Doctor denies sex assault on teenage girls

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A DOCTOR groped teenage girls at a firework display, a court heard.

Anaesthetist Niaz Ahmed targeted the girls while working at a medical tent at the bonfire event in South Shields on November 5 last year, it is claimed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 53-year-old had told the girls: “If you are looking for sex you have come to the right person” and asked them if they would strip for him over Skype.

It is claimed he said his sex life with his wife was poor, he was able to satisfy a woman, boasted about the size of his manhood and had made thrusting movements with his pelvis.

Prosecutors claim he went on to simulate sex and rub himself against one girl, who was 16, and touch the upper legs of a 15-year-old.

Ahmed, of Broadlands, Cleadon, is on trial after denying one charge of sexual assault and one of sexual activity with a child.

Ahmed agrees he had been involved in “banter” with the group and said, despite feeling uncomfortable, decided to go along with their conversation, even after it was turned sexual by them.