Do you know '˜Jade' and '˜Wayne' who helped elderly woman after fall in Sunderland?

A grateful son is hoping to trace the young man and woman who helped his elderly mother when she took a tumble while shopping in Sunderland city centre.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 5:17 pm
Blandford Street, Sunderland.

Colin Gowland’s 80-year-old mother Renee, fell heavily in Blandford Street, on Sunday, leaving her bruised and with a cut to her eye.

The pensioner, from Fulwell, was on her way to meet her husband Ken, 83, who was waiting in their car to take her home mid-afternoon, when she fell.

Renee Gowland, 80, from Fulwell.

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“She had been in town doing a bit of shopping,” Colin, 51, told the Echo. “She was having a wander and she just went.

“She hit the floor quite heavily and hit her head a little bit as well.”

Luckily for Mrs Gowland, two passers-by she knows only as Wayne and Jade, stopped to help her to her feet and carry her shopping to the car.

“This young lady and young lad stopped and made sure she was okay,” Colin said.

Renee's son Colin Gowland.

“They wanted to get an ambulance, but she was adamant she didn’t want one.”

After hearing about her incident Colin has vowed to thank the duo, whom he does not believe knew each other.

“My mam was helped and looked after by a young lady named Jade and a young man named Wayne,” he said.

“They were very helpful and even walked her to where she was meeting my dad, who was parked at Mackies corner waiting for her.

Blandford Street, Sunderland.

“Wayne carried her shopping for her and Jade walked with her making sure she was okay.

“It is nice to know there are still some Good Samaritans out there that are willing to put their day on hold to help an 80-year-old lady.

“I cannot thank you enough and if our paths ever cross, I owe you both a drink.

“Thank you Jade and Wayne.”

Renee Gowland, 80, from Fulwell.

Colin said his mother was recovering at home.

“She is okay, but she is going to have a nasty bruise around her eye,” he added. “She went down with quite a thud.

“She is normally very sprightly for an 80-year-old. She’s had a triple by-pass but generally she is very able.

“I just want to let Jade and Wayne know how grateful we are that there were people like them around.”

Renee's son Colin Gowland.
Blandford Street, Sunderland.