DmC: Devil May Cry: Xbox 360: Action: £37.99

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DEVIL May Cry has been a fantastically-successful series over the years, and perhaps with the months ticking down to a wonderful new world of next-gen consoles, it’s only right to reboot this franchise.

his time out, you get to join Dante in a super-stylish action experience, where the chaining together of multiple combos has never been so satisfying, nor executed with such flair.

Sending demonic spawn back to hell is now officially an art-form, while it will also help you uncover the truth behind the lies from the lead character’s dark past.

As a result, you’ll confront some of the more familiar faces in the DmC universe, but this is no rose-tinted retrospective.

DmC comes out hacking and slashing to a new beat, with a fresh take on the age-old battle between good and evil, as you harness unimaginable powers with Dante’s notorious arsenal of weapons: sword, scythe, axe, pistols and much more.

It’s gloriously extravagant gaming.