Disney takes kids on an adventure

Abigail Scurr 11 with our latest Disney offer book.
Abigail Scurr 11 with our latest Disney offer book.
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YOUNGSTERS with a taste for adventure can learn all about the early explorers in the latest of the Echo’s series of books.

Great Travellers and Explorers is the sixth title in the Wonderful World of Knowledge, featuring Disney characters.

Children will be able to look back to the early explorers and traders who made the first journeys over land and sea.

Through the book youngsters can learn how the Vikings set off from Scandinavia in search of land, how Chinese merchants travelled for trade and millions made their way to settle in America.

Pupils from Benedict Biscop Primary School have been giving their opinions on the books, with Year 6 members of the Moorside school reviewing different ones.

This week was the turn of Abigail Scurr, 11, who said: “The book that I chose to read was called Great Travellers and Explorers.

“Each page was a different story, therefore was easier to read because there was no way you could get lost between subjects.

“Included on each page is a useful image of the topic. It is also labelled to remind you of the key information mentioned in different paragraphs throughout the page.

“An Amazing Fact is also put somewhere on a page, based on extra information from the paragraphs next to it. They are extremely convenient and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

“Another phenomenal idea that has been created in this book, is how Disney characters have been used to make the non-fiction book look more appealing to kids.

“Often they are used in a comical way that makes it even more tempting to read to see how the image links with the writing. I really enjoyed it.”

To launch the series, the Echo gave away the first encyclopedia, Dinosaurs, free to every reader.

The rest of the collection is available every Tuesday, for £2.99 each with a voucher in the Echo, and Great Travellers and Explorers will be in retailers tomorrow.

Next week’s book will be Atlas of the World. Others following in the 24-book series will include Communications, Birds, Space and Dance, Drama and Music.