Disabled woman abused by selfish drivers in Sunderland

Pamela Soulsby is unhappy about inconsiderate motorists parking near her Sorley Street home.
Pamela Soulsby is unhappy about inconsiderate motorists parking near her Sorley Street home.
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A DISABLED woman says she’s had abuse hurled at her by drivers who are blocking the pavement in her street.

Pamela Soulsby, who requires a walking frame, says motorists using Chester Road shops have been parking so far on to the pavement in Sorley Street she is forced into the road to get past.

When the 58-year-old has asked the shoppers to be more considerate she says her windows have been spat at and she has been on the receiving end of offensive gestures and also had coffee thrown at her front door.

Miss Soulsby, who has cellulitis, which causes the debilitating swelling of her legs, said: “A lot of the problems come from people parking up for the Subway shop.

“They sometimes have four wheels on the pavement, then they come back and eat their sandwiches in their car and drop their litter outside of the car door.

“Everybody in the street except me has a permit outside of their house, as I don’t have a car.

“I don’t mind people parking but they park so far on the 
pavement that pedestrians can’t use the footpath. I don’t think that’s right.”

She added: “The council have put down double yellow lines part of the way, but people often ignore them and I hardly ever see traffic wardens here.

“When you say anything to the drivers and ask if they mind moving their car you just get a mouthful of abuse. Other residents have complained about this, but there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do.”

Sunderland City Council said they take problem parking seriously.

Leader of Sunderland City Council, coun Paul Watson, said: “We appreciate Miss Soulsby’s concerns and take the problems caused by illegal and inconsiderate parking very seriously in Sunderland. Motorists who 
ignore parking and waiting restrictions block access for pedestrians and other road users, and create a great risk to road safety.

“Officers continue to work across the city with local 
residents and businesses to 
address concerns raised about parking and regularly patrol this part of Chester Road to enforce traffic controls. If vehicles are parking on the pavement then this can also be a police matter.

“We’d like to thank Miss Soulsby for bringing this latest matter to our attention, and invite her to contact Parking Services directly on 0191 561 7835 to discuss her concerns.”