Disabled grandmother can’t afford food after benefit cut

Julie Evans in her Easington Lane home says she is having problems with delayed payments of her Disability Living Allowance.
Julie Evans in her Easington Lane home says she is having problems with delayed payments of her Disability Living Allowance.
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A SEVERELY disabled grandmother was left struggling to afford food after part of her Disability Living Allowance was cut.

Julie Evans, 49, was stunned when her DLA was halved to pay for a car she didn’t get.

Julie, of Easington Lane, had applied for a car through the Motability scheme, which allows some people on the benefit to exchange part of their mobility allowance for the lease of a car.

Julie suffers from osteoarthritis as well as spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal where spinal nerves leave the spinal column, which prevents her from driving.

Julie’s partner, George Norman, would have been driving the vehicle because of her disability.

However, due to points on his licence, the couple were refused the Motability scheme.

But when Julie went to collect her monthly DLA payment from the Post Office, the money for the car had been taken out of her allowance.

“I nearly had a stroke,” said Julie.

“I phoned the DLA and Motability and was told that they would sort it but that I wouldn’t get my money back for another three to four weeks.

“I need that money to survive. It shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this.”

Julie, who has suffered from ovarian and endometrial cancer, usually travels into the city centre to visit her grandchildren, but without her allowance is finding it hard to carry out her day to day activities.

Julie said: “I normally get a taxi to the kids but I can’t afford to that now, I’ve not got the money.

“If we don’t get this money soon, we’ve had it.

“We need to buy food.

“I spoke to someone and they said that it will take until Monday for the payment to go through but I can’t wait that long,” said Julie.

Julie also receives income support but the fortnightly payment is not due until Thursday, leaving Julie strapped for cash.

“I’m fuming,” said Julie.

“I need the money to survive and I just can’t wait that long.”

A spokeswoman from Department for Work and Pensions said that they were notified on July 3 that Julie had cancelled her application for a Motability Car and her payments were reinstated.

She said: “We have issued the payments and we had called her to let her know that the mobility component, the element she would have used to pay for a car, has been reinstated.”

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