Disability for Dunces: Lost Voice Guy invites comedy fans to ‘stupid amnesty’ at Edinburgh Fringe

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Award-winning comedian Lost Voice Guy is inviting comedy fans to take part in a stupid amnesty at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August, where he will host his new show Disability For Dunces.

The Sunderland City Council worker launched the amnesty at Sunday’s Disability Awareness Day, and is inviting the general public to submit their questions about disability, so he can finally put the record straight on a few matters in his show.

Disability For Dunces will be at The Stand Comedy Club in York Place, Edinburgh, at 1.15pm from August 7 to 30, and will feature the bizarre questions that Lost Voice Guy gets asked on an all-too-regular basis.

Lost Voice Guy, real name Lee Ridley, lost his speech as a baby when he developed Cerebral Palsy. He uses an iPad to tell his jokes and won the BBC New Comedy Award 2014 in December.

The former Barbara Priestman School pupil said: “I’m often getting asked if I really can talk after my gigs, because obviously pretending to be disabled for the sake of entertainment is perfectly acceptable? I’ve also been asked if I could still have a relationship even though I was disabled, and someone once asked if I wanted a list of doctors who could fix me.

“Quite simply, I’m sick of dealing with stupid people, so I’m putting on this show instead.

“As part of my show, I will be inviting the audience to ask their questions as well.

“They can also ask me anything they like via email on lostvoiceguy@icloud.com.

“Don’t worry about making a fool out of yourself, it’s an amnesty after all. The more bizarre the question, the more likely it will be that I answer it.”